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On December 26, 2022, a guest lecture by Zh.L. Kozina (Doctor of Science. professor, chief editor of the Scopus database journal «Health, Sport, Rehabilitation», and author of more than 100 publications in Scopus and Web of Science databases) took place. The lecture was held online in the Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after S. Z. Gzhitsky on the topic: «Academic integrity — the way to reveal talent, to success.» The lectures were attended by teachers and students of the university, a total number of which is more than 40 people.
The lecture aroused great interest among the listeners with its non-standard presentation of the material, interesting approaches to the disclosure of basic concepts, and vivid examples from the author’s own experience.

The following issues were considered:
What is academic integrity?
Does it have historical analogs that arose long before the emergence of a scientific form of knowledge of the world?
Why do people violate the rules of academic integrity and what are the types of violations?
What tools are there to check scientific or educational works for compliance with the rules of academic integrity?
How to reveal your own abilities to create something new, to creative inspiration?
The answers to these and other questions are provided in the video in an interesting and understandable format with examples from the author’s own experience and that of other scientists.




Eight hundred twelve students from nine faculties of KhNPU took part in the study: eighty-eight students of the faculty of elementary education, ninety-three students of the faculty of preschool education, all other students were representatives of the history,, natural sciences, foreign philology, Ukrainian language, physical education faculty and sports, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology. Student testing was conducted in classes on the subject «Technologies of health preservation» in September — October 2021.

The psychophysiological method of determining the time of a simple and complex reaction was used. We determined the speed of a simple reaction and a reaction of choosing two elements out of three.The shorter the reaction time, the higher the mobility of nervous processes.The smaller the number of errors, the higher the stability of nervous processes. Orthostatic reactions were determined by the results of heart rate in the lying position and in the standing position.

The lower HR values in the supine position (50-64 beats/min) testify to the higher level of economy of the work of the cardiovascular system and functional capabilities. Also, the smaller difference in heart rate between the lying position and the standing position testifies to the higher level of orthostatic regulation. Applicants with a high level of mobility of nervous processes intuitively chose the specialties of teachers of children of younger grades and preschoolers. Of the physical exercises for them, those that correspond to the characteristics of people with a high level of mobility of the nervous system will be the most effective. Sports that require high mobility of the nervous system include sports games, martial arts, short-distance running, jumping, dancing, various outdoor exercises, and others.

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