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Independent Publisher Zhanneta Kozina

In 2000, she defended her thesis «Effectiveness of applying the subjective method of physical load control in women’s basketball» for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences at the Kuban State Academy of Physical Culture (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Russia);
in 2003 — defended the candidate’s thesis «Effectiveness of the application of the subjective method of regulation of physical exertion in women’s basketball» for the degree of candidate of sciences in physical education and sports at the Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture (candidate of sciences in physical education and sports, Ukraine).
On January 27, 2011, she defended her doctoral dissertation «Theoretical and methodological foundations of the individualization of the educational and training process of athletes in game sports» for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports at the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, (scientific consultant — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor G.V. Korobeynikov). On March 29, 2012, she received the academic title of professor.

1980-1983 – sports instructor of the highest category of the Central Sports Club of the Army (Moscow)
1983-1987 — studies at the State Central Institute of Physical Culture of the Order of Lenin (Moscow)
Since 1987, he has been working at the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports, Sports Games and Tourism of H.S. Frying pans
Played for basketball masters teams: CSKA (U.S.S.R. Premier League, Moscow) (1980-1983), Burevisnyk (U.S.S.R. First League, Moscow) (1983-1987). Two-time winner of the Championship of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1980, 1981), prize-winner of the USSR Championship among the backup teams of the USSR higher league teams, winner of CS «Burevisnyk», multiple winners of the Moscow Championship among universities. Own sports experience was laid as a basis for the direction of scientific research.
Two-time winner of the All-Union Student Olympiad in Physiology of Muscle Activity and Sports Physiology (1985, Yerevan, 1986, Baku).

Since 1987 — teacher of the department of sports games of H.S. Skovoroda KhNPU
Since 2004, associate professor of the department of sports games of KhNPU named after H.S. Frying pans
In 2006 and 2010, she was the prize-winner of the Kharkiv regional competition «Higher School — the best names», in 2010 — the winner of the «Woman of the Year» competition in the category «Female Athlete».

Since October 29, 2011, she has been appointed to the position of head of the department of cycle sports and sports games.
Since November 2016, he is the head of the department of Olympic and professional sports and sports games.
Every year, he takes part in scientific conferences at regional and international levels, where he gives reports that arouse the interest of specialists not only in the field of physical culture and sports but also in other fields — pedagogy, psychology, biology.
At the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, she created new promising areas of scientific research, in which not only students and teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education, but also the faculties of natural sciences, physics and mathematics, and pedagogy of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after H.S. Skovorody, as well as representatives of other higher educational institutions of Kharkiv: Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» and others. Integrative activity with the leading universities of Kharkiv is reflected in the cooperation of students — winners of regional and international competitions and conferences.

Main monographs

  • Kozina Zh.L. Individualization of training of athletes in team sports: Monograph. Kharkov: «Point», 2009. — 396s.Ko
  • zina Zh.L. The system of individualization of training athletes in team sports: Monograph. Lambert Academic Publishing Russia. — 2011 — 532p.
  • Kozina Zh.L., Ermakov S.S., Tseslitska M. Theoretical and methodological foundations of an individual approach in sports. Bygdosh, Poland, 2014. — 394 p.
  • Kozina Zh.L., Kozin V.Yu., Ermakov SS, Krzeminski M., Lakhno EG, Barybina LN, Bazyluk TA, Sobko IN, Repko E.A., Antonov OV, Ilnitskaya AS. The system of modern integral technologies for strengthening people’s health at different stages of life: monograph. Under the general editorship of Kozina Zh.L. Kharkiv Radom. 2017. 411p
  • Kozina Zh.L., Muszkieta R. Technologies of integrated development and health promotion of people of different ages. Kharkov National Pedagogical University. 2017. 409 p.
  • Kozina Zh.L. Theoretical concept of individualization in sport. Poznań : Ośrodek Rekreacji, Sportu i Edukacji, 2018.- 243s.
  • Kozina Zh., Cieślicka M., Muszkieta R., Psychophysiological features of people of different age groups with different levels and patterns of physical activity. Kharkov-Poznań, 2019, 437


  • creation of theoretical foundations of individualization of training of athletes;
  • development of technologies for preparing pregnant women for natural, healthy childbirth;
  • development of technologies for the harmonious integral development of a child at the beginning of life;
  • development of technologies for integrated psychomotor development in the physical education of people of different age groups;
  • development of technologies for determining the properties of the nervous system and psychophysiological capabilities of a person;
  • development of technologies to activate recovery processes;
    development of technologies to improve the quality of mastering the techniques and tactics of certain sports;
    development of technologies to preserve a healthy ecological environment;
  • method of teaching physical education and sports disciplines in higher educational institutions.

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