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The license allows  to:

Share (share) — copy and distribute material on any medium and in any format
Adapt (create derivative materials) — remix, modify, and create new ones based on this material
for any purpose, including commercial.

The licensor is not entitled to revoke these freedoms while you are fulfilling the terms of the license.
Subject to the following conditions:

“Attribution” — You must provide the appropriate attribution, provide a link to the license, and indicate the changes, if any. You can do this in any reasonable way, but not in a way that would imply that the licensor approves you or your way of using the work.

Without additional restrictions — You are not entitled to apply legal restrictions or technological measures that create other legal obstacles in the performance of any of what is permitted by the license.


You are not required to act in accordance with the terms of the license if a specific part of the material is in the public domain or if such use of the material is permitted by you under the applicable copyright exclusion or limitation.

You are not given any guarantees. The license may not include all the permissions you need to use the work (material) as you wish. For example, other rights, such as the right to disclosure, privacy or moral rights

Journal may need to obtain additional permissions to use this material as it wish.

License Creative Commons Creative Commons «Attribution» 4.0

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