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We publish scientific literature in the fields of health promotion and preservation, physical education, sports, athletic training, recovery, physical therapy and rehabilitation. We specialize in publishing scientific journals, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids and popular science literature.

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Abbreviated key title: HSR

Established: 2015

Frequency: 4 times a year

Specialized scientific publication on the problems of physical education, sports, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, rehabilitation, and physical therapy.

Collection of articles of the  International Scientific Conference, dedicated to the memory of Professor Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Abbreviated key title: HSTRPT

Established: 2018

Language: English, Ukranian

Frequency: 1 time a year

The journal presents articles on the problems of constructing sports training, theoretical, methodological, medical, biological, psychological and pedagogical problems of physical education and sports, rehabilitation and physical therapy, theoretical and methodological bases for the development and improvement of technologies for maintaining health by means of physical culture and sports and physical therapy. For postgraduate students, doctoral students, masters, coaches, athletes, physical therapists, rehabilitologists, teachers of secondary schools, teachers of secondary schools.

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Language: engl.

The monograph presents the author’s biomechanical technology of injury prevention in the climbing. The developed technology contains 3 directions: 1 — theoretical and methodical (creation of bases for understanding by students of mechanisms of formation of movements without risk of injury, formation at students of concept of biomechanically rational movements in general); 2 — analytical (providing students with knowledge about modern means of self-analysis of the level of technical skills); 3 — practical (sportsnen’ mastery of practical means of injury prevention, ie, exercises that will promote the formation of biomechanically rational movements in any sport, and thus prevent injury).

The monograph contains an algorithm for identifying the main kinematic parameters of different models of equipment, typical for athletes with different levels of mastery of sports techniques. Based on biomechanical analysis, the main aspects of movement technique on the example of climbing, which affect the level of injuries of athletes. The monograph also presents the principles of application of means for injury prevention. The monograph contains developed and systematized tools to prevent injuries to athletes. The effectiveness of biomechanical technology in the use of neuromuscular training using exercises in a closed kinematic circuit, exercises in eccentric mode in combination with strength exercises for injury prevention and the formation of effective movement techniques for climbing.

The monograph presents the results of identifying the influence of various methods on the indicators of physical fitness and psycho-physiological functions of people of different age and social groups. Psychophysiology (from Greek ψῡχή, psȳkhē, «breath, life, soul»; φύσις, physis, «nature, origin»; and -λογία, -logia) is the branch of psychology that is concerned with the physiological bases of psychological processes. One of the methods of experimental psychophysiology is Mental chronometry. Mental chronometry is studied using measurements of reaction time (RT), which is the elapsed time between the presentation of a sensory stimulus and the subsequent behavioral response. The results of mental chronometry were used as psychophysiological functions and psychophysiological indicators in our studies.

The book presents a study of the psycho-physiological functions of children of preschool and school age, studies of the psycho-physiological functions of athletes — representatives of various sports, as well as athletes with disabilities. The studies used the methods of multidimensional analysis indicators of integrated testing. The influence of integrated technologies (physical and intellectual impact) on psycho-physiological functions and physical fitness is shown.

Language: Engl.

The monograph presents reveaingl the fighting style of veteran boxers based on the individual factor structure of psychophysiological and biomechanical indicators.The study involved 42 qualified veteran boxers (aged 45-50). A biomechanical analysis of the indicators of the movement speed of various points and the values ​​of the joint angles while performing a direct blow by boxers has been used as a research method. The psychophysiological method has been used to determine the time of a simple and complex reaction under standard conditions and in various testing modes. Descriptive Statistics and Factor Analysis have been applied as methods of statistical analysis. Two main factors have been identified in the structure of the complex performance of qualified veteran boxers,. Factor 1 (55.063% of the total aggregate variance) is named «Speed». Factor 2 (44.937% of the total aggregate variance) stands for “Speed ​​Endurance”. Individual factor structure, which is characterized by the distinctive factor «Speed ​​and Coordination Endurance» by more than 80% as well as by the marked factor «Speed» by less than 30% is considered to be a particularity of the tempo style boxers. Individual factor structure, which is characterized by the intensity of the factor «Speed» by more than 80%, and by the distinctive factor «Speed ​​and Coordination Endurance» by less than 30% is considered to be typical for the playing style boxers. The individual factor structure, which is characterized by the marked factor «Speed» by more than 50%, and by the intencity of the factor «Speed ​​and Coordination Endurance» by less than 30% is seen to be peculiar to the strength style boxers. It is shown that the psychophysiological features of boxers of different fighting styles are reflected in the features of the direct strike technique. The lack of speed at the beginning of the movement in tempo style boxers is supplemented and compensated by the high speed of movement. Playing style boxers are characterized by a high speed of movement at the very beginning of the strike. Strength style boxers are characterized by the gradual development of movement speed.

Language: Engl.

The future professional activity of students of the Faculty of Arts is characterized by an insufficient level of motor activity of a dynamic nature, combined with a large static load and highly coordinated finger work. Representatives of these specialties have their own psychological characteristics. The monograph reveals the features of the properties of the nervous system and the functional potential of the cardiovascular system of students — future teachers of fine arts and music, and based on the data obtained, recommendations for physical culture and sports have been developed. The Monograph found that future teachers of creative specialties have significantly the least mobility in combination with the highest stability of nervous processes in comparison with representatives of other pedagogical specialties. Significant differences were revealed between the indicators of orthostatic reactions of students of the Faculty of Arts and the faculty where future sports coaches are trained. Orthostatic regulation is much better in students of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports. It is necessary to correct the program of physical education of students of creative specialties to increase the interest of students and the correspondence of physical exercises to the characteristics of the nervous system of students of the Faculty of Arts. Future teachers of creative specialties can be recommended to engage in any kind of sport or physical activity, but the most suitable for them are exercises that require the development of endurance in combination with the inclusion of cognitive processes and concentration of attention: walks with observation of nature and the city, exercises to music, exercises with concentration on various natural images, etc.

Language: Engl., Russ.

The monograph presents the results of more than 30 years of work on the development and experimental verification of various techniques and technologies on the integral harmonious effects on the body for promoting health, for the integrated development of the motor and intellectual abilities of man in various life stages. Technologies contain complexes of physical exercises, developed technical devices, methods of psychoregulation. All technologies presented in the monograph are original author’s developments. All of the technologies presented in the monograph received copyright certificates and patents.

Technologies combine Western and Eastern approaches to building physical exercises. Most of the techniques developed for one age group can be applied to other age groups, at other life stages. As an initial technique, a set of exercises performed under the poems about nature, for women during pregnancy. It solves the problem of both strengthening the health of the pregnant woman and her preparation for childbirth, and indirectly influencing the developing organism of the unborn child. The monograph also contains complexes of exercises performed under verses with the help of an adult, for children from birth to 1 year; training in swimming for newborns and infants. Complexes of exercises performed for verses are also presented for children from 1 to 7 years old, methods for the integrated development of preschool children with the use of technical devices. For schoolchildren, the methods of controlling loads are considered when playing sports that impose high demands on the work of the cardiovascular system (basketball, football, etc.); methods of activating creative abilities in the employment of various types of motor activity. The monograph also shows the ways of individual approach to the choice of sport (motor activity), as well as the way of individual approach when practicing a certain kind of sport (motor activity). The technologies of diagnostics of psychophysiological possibilities (reaction rate, short-term memory) and properties of the nervous system are presented. Original methods of studying with students, such as basketball on the water and others are also presented. The monograph also contains elaborations for people of mature and advanced age; methods of application of various medicinal plants; methods of autogenic training. All the technologies presented in the monograph have been tested experimentally and have shown their effectiveness. The results of researches of influence of each technology on various aspects of vital activity of people of different age and social groups are presented. The monograph is of interest to specialists in the field of human sciences; theorists and practitioners in the field of health; teachers, trainers, as well as all those interested in the issues of health promotion and self-development. Two doctoral and 16 candidate dissertations were defended in this direction.

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